Loan Management System


Nanosoft Loan Management System is a complete, agile loan servicing application that automates loan billing and payments, collections management and accounting under one robust, flexible and secure platform. It efficiently manages portfolios, increases transaction volume and rapidly brings new products to market.

Nanosoft Loan Management System enables real-time online updates of transactions, and can be easily integrated with mobile platforms. Nanosoft Loan Management System gives you complete control of your lending products and provides support for all of your lending needs.




User Friendly

The online or web based loan management system is user-friendly and easy to implement.

Convenience & Ease of Access

For many people in the world, its easier because they are allowed to apply for loans, process payments from their home at any time of day or night.


For effective loan processing, Nanosoft Loan Management System is an efficient and competence tool. Setting-up cost is extremely low.

Powerful SSL Security

Its powerful security engine systematically makes all payments secure using SSL.

Inter-grated Online Payments Platform

Nanosoft Loan Management System makes use of an integrated payment gateway for the online payments.

Huge File/Document Storage

The web based Nanosoft Loan Management System allows the users to upload unlimited documents and institute data on to its centralized records system.

Track Records of all Activities

It keeps a systematic track & record of the site visitors progress and most clicked on products.

Allow Happy Customers to Sell Your Products

With lots of customers’ reviews and process ratings, you can easily increase your applicants as new customers find that your process are good and effective.


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